About Us

Who are we?

sexchatint.com is a free resource publish that was created with the focus of getting sex awareness to couples all across the world.

We value sex as it is an important part of any relationship, whish is why our main goal is to get as many people as we can educated about the topic.

Why was sexchatint.com created?

So many people are with a partner, yet don’t have a healthy, happy and fulfilling romantic relationship and this can be frustrating. sexchatint.com has been created to help couples out there understand and solve their sexual issues while learning new things about sex every day.

This site is perfect for people looking to reignite of create a romantic relationship with their partners.

Some of the main sex talks we focus on at sexchatint.com include

  • Sex health – you get to learn all the health benefits that are associated with sex.
  • Sex facts –we provide information an all-important fact about sex
  • Sexual history – it is important that you understand the sexual history of your partner so you can have a better sexual encounter
  • Sexual secrets – we believe that a good relationship is based on openness regardless of the type of sexual life you lived prior
  • Safe sex and contraception
  • Sexual preferences, fetishes and desires and more – sex is a general term that has multiple meanings. This site takes you away from the basic sex acts acts and helps you explore all the sexual spectrums that exist. Searching or determining your ultimate fetish will now be easier with sexchatint.com.

You can trust us to provide you with all the latest, non-biased opinions about sex. We work with a team of professionals who help us do research on important topics before it is published for the viewers to see. We value you as a reader and member of sexchatint.com and encourage you to leave comments and opinions where you feel necessary