Sex has more benefits beyond the obvious. With good sex, you can live longer, be happier and healthier. Here are some surprising facts about sex you did not know Hydrate for better orgasms The human body is made of mostly fluid. Some of that fluid is lost during vigorous sex. Drinking plenty of water and […]

Most couples have that moment where they are stuck in a complete sexual rut that seems to potentially ruin the relationship. Don’t worry, dry spells are a completely normal part of any relationship regardless of its age. Here are some quick tips that will help you improve your sex life and potentially your relationship Communication […]

The benefits of having sex are not just boxed into the pleasures of getting orgasm of reeling good, sex is good for you mentally, emotionally as it is physically. Your entire emotion or perception can change just from having a sexual encounter. Here are some of the major health benefits of sex Sex makes you […]

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