How to improve your sex life

How to improve your sex life

Most couples have that moment where they are stuck in a complete sexual rut that seems to potentially ruin the relationship. Don’t worry, dry spells are a completely normal part of any relationship regardless of its age.

Here are some quick tips that will help you improve your sex life and potentially your relationship


The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one as a couple and have open communication about it. while it seems easier said than done, it could potentially make a big difference based on how you do it. Don’t fight, yell, scream criticize and ignore your partner and expect any changes.  Good communication entails affirmation, validation, listening and doing something about it.


Even when things seem to be going good in other sectors of the relationship, your sex life can benefit from a little therapy. Just a couple of sessions can help you develop new ideas and understand your partner’s sexual needs. it is a great way to learn how to communicate while also gaining some perspective.

Stay healthy

Alcohol and drugs are known to pose a negative effect on people’s sex life. Men who indulge in too much alcohol and drugs are known to develop erectile dysfunction which is difficulty getting and maintaining an erection or can be manifested in delayed ejaculation. Drugs and alcohol are known to lower the libido in women, cause dryness and make it ore difficult for them to achieve an orgasm.

Poor eating habits and being overweight can also affect your sex life. Most overweight people have the inability to get an maintain an erection because of physical and mental barriers. The high blood pressure and cholesterol in overweight people affects functioning of the sexual organs. This is why it is important they you eat health as a couple and exercise. Avid taking drugs and reduce the intake of alcohol to improve your sex life.


Spend time apart

Sometimes, you need to be away from each other for a little while so you can miss each other. Always give yourself an opportunity to miss your partner. This makes your relationship so much fun and more special. Spend time for yourself so you can anticipate more sexual encounters with your partner. This also ensure the time you have together is quality.

Make more effort

there are major benefits that come with being in long term relationships. For one, you know your partner loves you for you so you don’t have to look fancy all the time. Sometimes, this can be a turn off for your partner and destroy your sex life after a while. Make an effort to look sexy for your partner so they can be attracted to your both physically and emotionally.

Have sex more often

This is another regret way to maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. You cannot have a good sex life unless sex is actually involved. Having sex is actually known to increase your desire to have more sex with your partner. Don’t get too busy to be intimate with your partner, even if it does not have to involve penetration all the time. Don’t make sex a chore, otherwise this will be the start of the end of your relationship.

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