Surprising facts about sex

Surprising facts about sex

Sex has more benefits beyond the obvious. With good sex, you can live longer, be happier and healthier.

Here are some surprising facts about sex you did not know

Hydrate for better orgasms

The human body is made of mostly fluid. Some of that fluid is lost during vigorous sex. Drinking plenty of water and hydrating before sexual activities makes you better at it and improves you and your partners ability to achieve an orgasm. Dehydration can cause both physical and emotional issues in the bedroom.

Being dehydrated can affect your sex life in so many ways, dehydration causes fatigue, irritability and headache and this can prevent you from getting into the right mood and also cause erectile disfunction in men.

High heels can negatively affect your sexual experience

Some high heeled shoes brands are created with an arch that approximates the arch found in a woman’s pelvis floor.  So, when you are having sex or an orgasm, the heels will create a contraction on the pelvic floor and this leads to less contraction during orgasm. Basically, it hinders you from getting the full feeling or effect of the orgasm. This means you should wear less heels to enjoy sex.

Orgasms can make you more creative

Sex develops your cognitive abilities. Studies show that people who have organisms develop more confidence, productiveness and cognitive abilities like creativity.

Sex can improve a women’s bladder control

Close to 30% of women have urinary incompetence at some point in their lives. Regular orgasms are known to work the pelvic floor muscles thus toning and strengthening them. During orgasms, the same muscles that are active during Kegel exercises are activates. Strong pelvic muscles reduce any urine leaks and accidents.

Sex reduces stress

Stress is a popularly known stress reliever. Research shows that hugging, touching and other sexual intimacy behaviours such as emotional attachment simulate the release of hormones that make people feel good and aroused. The intimacy and closeness fostered can help you relieve stress and anxiety and boost your general health.

More sex, less pain

Before you try treating that headache with an aspirin, you should try an orgasm first. That’s right, sex Can lessen or block pain by a lot. Sexual stimulation and orgasms can help you to keep the pain at by reducing the pain sensation or increasing your threshold for pain.  The hormones released during the orgasm can help block some of the pain signals.

Sex is exercise

Sex counts as a from of exercise. You can burn up to 100 calories during sexual activities. The exercise can also help you stretch your muscles and tendent, increase your respiration and heart rate and level your blood pressure to energise your body and increase your health levels in the long run.

Less sex more work

Generally, people who have less sex or sexual activities and fulfilment in the bedroom will work hard to compensate. People who have less sex plunge themselves into their work so they can avoid stress and other issues.

Final word

Generally,sex boosts certain aspects of your physical as well as emotional well-being. Keep in mind that not all benefits will apply to everyone.

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